Electronic Walkaround

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Electronic Walkaround

The electronic walkaround app is a safety
checklist that allows drivers to perform their
mandatory walkaround through their mobile

Available on both ios and Android this
application removes the need for hard copy
checklists and instead stores the walkaround
checklist on a web portal.

With a well designed interface the app allows seamless                                                                                                                navigation for drivers.




Web Portal

The web portal is used by the administrator
to monitor and store safety checks submitted
by the drivers.

It is here that you will be able to add drivers and
vehicles, customise checklists to suit the vehicle type,
view archived reports and resolve vehicle
defects flagged by drivers.

E-mail notification can be set up
to alert administrators of any
defects/ accidents submitted
by drivers





Download for Electronic walkaround brochure

Electronic Walkaround Brochure .pdf