Apr 05, 2017 John Loughran (HGV Ireland)
The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is set to implement a risk rating system called the Commercial Vehicle Operator Risk Indicator (CVORI).
The aim of this system, when implemented, is to assist the RSA in targeting enforcement where there is most risk, and it is part of the RSA’s ongoing commitment to minimise inconvenience to compliant operators.
What is meant by Risk Rating?
It is the assignment of a Red, Amber or Green status applied to Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) operators where Green shows a higher likelihood of compliance and Red indicating a lower likelihood of compliance.
There are two separate risk rating systems:
1) Road-worthiness – Based on items that relate to the condition (Road-worthiness) of an operators vehicle(s)
2) Driver Hours – Based on items that relate to tachographs, working time directive and applicable requirements to hold a Road Transport Operator Licence and Drivers CPC.
Each Operator will be assigned a Red, Amber or Green status under each system where relevant information exists. This means that, for example, an Operator can have a Green status in road-worthiness and a Red or Amber status in driver hours. This is because an Operator can have a different level of compliance for vehicle road-worthiness as against driver hours or vice versa. Only information from the last 3 years will be taken into account.
What does Risk Rating mean for HCV Operators?
Operators having a “Red” rating can expect to have a higher number of Inspections from the RSA than those having a lower or “Green” rating.
How will Operators be able to view their risk rating?
Once switched on, Operators will be able to view their own risk rating via their Online CVRT.ie Account. Initially only operators who have a current self-declaration will have access to their rating. In all cases, Operators will only be able to view their own risk rating.
How often will Operators Risk Rating change ?
Operator Risk Ratings will be re-applied each week. The RSA gets regular updated information from various sources for example vehicle tests, roadside and premises inspections and these will all be taken into account upon each weekly application.
When will Operators be able to view their risk rating?
Over the summer we will be producing additional information and guidance for Operators to ensure that it is easy and user friendly for Operators to understand their risk rating when viewing it online. Operators will be notified via their registered CVRT.ie email address once their risk rating is available to view online. We are continuing to carry out validation on the risk rating system, however, at the moment we envisage that we will initially be switching on the risk rating for Bus Operators during the summer with a switch on for Haulage Operators to be completed soon afterwards, before the end of 2017.

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