The DigiDL is the ideal downloading solution for Owners and Transport Managers.

Once fitted the DigiDL can be scheduled to download the driver card and vehicles unit data as often as you like it is also possible to do a force download if required.

This means no more time consuming manual downloading or missing downloads due too vehicles being abroad. All downloads are stored on a server and can be accessed at anytime by logging into your account.  It is also possible to send the files directly into an Analysis Software such Optac3.

You can now also link into the tachograph and pull a live feed of drivers hours and WTD from the tachograph head provided your tachograph compatible. The DigiDL will also inform you when a vehicle is being driven without a drivers card inserted in the tachograph and also when a driver is being shown a warning regards his breaks or drive time.This makes planning and monitoring even easier. With the DigiDL fitted in your vehicles you really cant go wrong.