The Importance of Locking-In your Company Data

Yellow in colour
Valid for 5 years
Company may hold up to 2232 cards
Allows for locking of company data
Allows for the downloading of company locked data
We here at ETS want to emphasise to all Hauliers and Coach Companies the importance of locking in your company card into your digital vehicles.

Whether it’s a new, second hand or current vehicle you should check to see if the Tachograph is locked into your company card. If your vehicles are not locked into your company card it can cause issues when downloading data as you can only download data locked into your company card. This leads to missing data from the VU downloads and during an inspection by the RSA or any other road authority your company could be fined. In the case of an accident you will have no data to show an insurance company or a court of law to prove non liability.

If you find your vehicles are not locked into your company card you will have to get it downloaded by an approved workshop. A workshop card or an enforcement card is the only digital card that will be able to download data on your Tachograph when they are not locked into your company’s card. It is important that the workshop download all VU data when downloading the vehicle unit. After downloading the unit in the workshop you should then lock in your company card to ensure you download all the VU data going forward. This data should be sent to you so you have a record of all data/activities that have been performed by the vehicle.

To check whether your vehicles are locked in please contact your Tachograph analysis provider or check your software.
If you have a Stoneridge Optac 3 account there is a report that can be easily generated to check all vehicles. You will find this under Vehicle Reports and Company Card Locks. Choose Show all Vehicles and click View Report.