Stoneridge SE5000 Exakt Duo²

In developing our newest tachograph, we discovered that many drivers often run over their daily driving time or take too short a break

Stoneridge DigiPostPro

The ideal solution for downloading and transmitting tachograph data. Digipostpro is a download tool designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

EasyTac VU Digidown Data Downloader

These download devices plug into the vehicle unit and transfer the stored data from the digital tachograph can be copied onto a PC.

Stoneridge DigiFOBPro

Digifobpro gives you immediate access to driver card and VU data, giving you an instant overview and checking compliance with EU regulations.

EasyTac Complete Kit – Software, Smart Card Reader and VU Digidown

This Kit provides all the equipment required to download, analyse, store and export tachograph data.

EasyTac Smartcard Reader

To download data from a driver’s card you need a smartcard reader. This device connects to the PC, usually via USB.


The robust, wireless Optimo2 Workshop tablet uses proven Dell technology to deliver everything the Workshop needs for programming and calibrating tachographs and more…

Stoneridge DigiDL Remote Downloader

Working alongside any digital tachograph with remote download functionality – including the SE5000 Exakt Duo – the digiDL enables you to remotely download VU and driver data securely using GPRS technology.

AirGuard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

LED AirGuard Set & Go tire pressure monitoring system will improve your fuel economy, enhance your safety, and add longevity to your tires!

Stoneridge Tacho Link

With the Tacho Link dongle users can take advantage of 2 free Stoneridge apps: Tacho Center to download digital tachograph data and Duo Mobile to get real time updates on their driving time.

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