AirGuard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

LED AirGuard Set & Go Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Easiest Tire Pressure Monitoring System To Calibrate & Recalibrate!

Improves Fuel Economy – Proper tire inflation can save you between 3% to 5% in fuel cost.

Enhances Safety  Low tire pressure can lead to adverse effects on handling, braking and control.

Long-Lasting Tire Life  The D.O.T. states that 95% of all premature tire wear is caused by underinflation.

  • Starts Flashing Red When Tire Pressure Drops 5 To 10 PSI
  • Works On Tires With Pressure Between 10 To 200 PSI
  • Designed To Fit On  Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Caravans, Cars, Atvs, Motorcycles & More
  • Ultra Bright LED Allows You To Check Your Tire Pressure, Even During The Day!
  • Features An Anti-Theft Locking System
  • A Locking Nut Is Used To Tighten Against The LED AirGuard Set & Go On The Valve Stem To Help Prevent Theft
  • No Special Tools Or Key Is Required For Installation Or Calibration
  • Memorizes Pressure When First Installed And Can Be Recalibrated By Simply Removing & Reinstalling
  • Made Of Polished Stainless Steel & Encapsulated In A High-Impact Clear Plastic Cover
  • Battery Powered
LED AirGuard Set & Go tire pressure monitoring system will improve your fuel economy, enhance your safety, and add longevity to your tires! It is the easiest tire pressure monitoring system to calibrate and recalibrate. The LED starts flashing red when tire pressure drop 5 to 10 PSI and can easily be seen during the day or night. In order prevent theft, the LED AirGuard Set & Go features an anti-theft locking system, which includes a locking nut.
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