Stoneridge DigiDL Remote Downloader

Download tachograph data from anywhere in the world.

Working alongside any digital tachograph with remote download functionality – including the SE5000 Exakt Duo – the digiDL enables you to remotely download VU and driver data securely using GPRS technology. So now, you can manage tachograph data from all vehicles in your fleet – no matter where they are in the world.

The digiDL gives you an automated, centralised data transfer, so you know exactly when and where you will receive your tachograph information. And, because the digiDL removes the need for time-consuming manual downloads, you’ll gain more driving time too.

  • Securely download tachograph data via GPRS
  • Scheduled downloads
  • Choose where data is sent
  • Remote authentication of company card
  • 1 company card can be linked with up to 300 vehicles
  • Immediate data download whenever it is needed

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